World Trade Organization's (WTO) Documents ON-LINE

The Document Dissemination Facility (DDF) is a new database that has been created to facilitate the dissemination of WTO documents. The database is now available on the WTO website. The DDF contains unrestricted working documents distributed by the WTO.

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The documents are available for searching, on-line viewing and downloading to local disk, either in compressed or original format (WordPerfect 5.2, Lotus, etc). Users can search for documents by symbol, title or date and, as well, perform full-text searches in the documents proper. The DDF is updated on a daily basis and the current day's additions are available for downloading. Only the first 50 documents found as the result of a search can be downloaded at the same time.

Helpful hint in searching the WTO's Database:
To refine your search for TMB documents, use the code "G/TMB" in the Document Symbol box of the WTO Documents Search Page along with the other search options available. "G/TMB" is the first part of the code that the WTO uses to identify TMB documents.

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